About Us | Love the Earth Beeswax Wraps

Love the Earth Beeswax Wraps was born out of my desire to reduce my family's use of single use plastic. Our reusable beeswax food wraps are lovingly handcrafted in Byron Bay Australia using only the best quality, local and organic ingredients then sent to you in simple recyclable packaging. But our journey doesn't end there. I am deeply passionate about our environment and raising awareness around our plastic waste and how to reduce that, so we can, as a collective, reverse the damage we have done – halt it in it's tracks – so the clean up can really begin.

If you're interested in reducing the plastic in your kitchen, bathroom & LIFE, take a look at the 21-Day Plastic Purge Challenge I recently ran on Insta/Facebook where I put together 21 of my top plastic purge items and replaced them with inexpensive, reusable earth-friendly options.

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My eco-warrior and me Beeswax wraps covering a sushi mat Reusable stainless steel straws Freezing bread rolls christmas time